New Testmonial



Just a quick thank you for today.

I found you every bit as stunning as you are in your pictures, your personality wonderful and your touch just sent my body into spasms of delight.

Thank you so much, I really look forward to seeing you again.’

So kind thank you Mr D :-) x


Secret Diary of @ExoticSabrina

So what have I been up to recently..

Many things of course, but this particular rendezvous excited me and has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

I get asked to wear all kinds of things, overall my style is sexy high class, upmarket, high maintenance and glamorous so as long as it’s along those lines i’m quite happy to indulge.

If you want to bring along something that you would like to see a fine, curvaceous female form in, sashaying around in front of you in, enticing you.. I’m more than happy to oblige. High heels, FF Stockings, suspenders, hold ups, silky lingerie and more I love dressing up for you.

However, this was quite different. On my travels to Dubai i’ve always thought the Emirati menfolk looked particularly handsome in their thobes and when shopping I couldn’t resist buying myself an abaya. Of course it is a glamorous jewelled abaya which flows beautifully around the body. The shopkeeper wasn’t impressed with me buying one a couple of inches shorter than is technically permissable but I knew I wanted a flash of sharp heel to be visible as I swept by.

An abaya, incase you’re wondering is the long flowing black kaftan like gown worn by Arabic Muslim women. It can be worn with or without the headscarf, your hands, feet and face are still visible, unless covered by a niqab (a face veil)

Anyway I bought one (I was also given another beautiful jewelled one but I’ll tell you about that another time) without ever knowing when I would ever wear it. I had a good idea soon after of when I would but that hadn’t come to fruition just yet. So imagine my delight when I had a request of someone wanting me to wear one?! It was the first time ever I had been asked to as well, I was so excited!

I wanted to do the full works with the headscarf, still showing the face but wrapped around my hair, and I had my red and black lingerie underneath with sexy red spiky Jimmy Choo heels. To add to the excitement is was a visit to a very nice large London hotel. Normally on a hotel visit I am dressed smart glamorous so I don’t draw any undue attention but this was decidedly naughtier on a whole new level. Would people still look at me, or would they try and not look? I couldn’t wait to find out.

Got to the hotel and walked through the large foyer and lobby area. In nice hotels there are usually plenty of staff and/or the concierge are primed to greet you and offer their assistance. I nodded politely at them and continued sauntering through. My date met me near the restaurant and I could see people trying not to look quizzically, should ladies dressed liked this be talking to men?

I got in the lift with him and we walked along the corridor, I wonder how many raised eyebrows we left behind?! What did it matter to them?! My date was my age, a very handsome Mediterranean type and we looked perfectly suited together. What happened next was none of their business, or yours hehe x

I could only take a quick few snaps, I hope you like them. If you’d like me to wear the abaya for you, just ask. I’d love to give you a bit of Arabian delight :-)

Arabian Secrets

Arabian Delight Sabrina


Tel 0798 494 0975


[email protected]


Before anyone even thinks about it, these pictures and post are not meant to offend anyone. If you’re the type that would get offended by such like then you shouldn’t be looking at my blog in the first place. It goes on, everywhere. Deal with it.

Hope my Emirati friends like the pics as well as my UK ones! I will be back in Dubai/UAE later this year, early December time. See you then x


New Testimonial



Dearest Sabrina,

Testimony for the Dream Maker.

I had read the other testimonies on your blog and always thought they were written by your good self as I believed no one could be that good. I also though you you had the most fervent imagination with your ‘stories’ again thinking that real life is not like that.

After the afternoon I had with you recently I can honestly say that you turned those stories into reality for me and I could not prevent myself from providing my ‘Dream Maker’ with a testimony worthy of our encounter. 

Sensual, sexual saucy and steamy all wrapped up in one Exotic bow. I will return.’

Oh wow that is so kind! Thank you so much Mr S!

My Top 5 Annoying Escort Questions

@ExoticSabrina in Agent Provocatuer

I’ve got a personally written website that I took ages putting together. Not so much frippery so it gets blah but enough to pique your interest and delve deeper.

I blog. A lot. On all manner of things, what I like/dislike, what I’ve been unto, impromptu gallery pics and more.

I tweet constantly. At current count I’m nearly on my 30,000th tweet and thats just on one account. This also includes lots of pics, I’m probably moaning about something or other but mainly I like to have a laugh on twitter @ExoticSabrina

So surely there is more than enough information there to cover the basics at least?

But somethings I get asked A LOT. I think to myself.. really? Maybe a lot of escorts get asked the same, I don’t know so here is my HUMOROUS take on oft asked questions and what they possibly could mean. In no particular order -

  • Where are you based?

I mean, FFS, really?? How long have I been around? Is Exotic Sabrina not synomomous with Milton Keynes by now? Where ever you found me online, it will say it right there won’t it. So why act stupid. Think of another opening line please.

  • What turns you on?

Followed by, ‘No, really.. what REALLY turns you on’ Hang on a minute, I’m dangling off you sans apparel and you’re asking me that, now? We’re doing as nature intended and you want to me to say something weird wild and wonderful? Why, you gonna do it? I fully participate in my engagements, I’m not zombied out thinking of England so what makes you think I’m not enjoying what we are doing right now?

  • Are you married/got a boyfriend ?

This is a tricky one as whatever you answer will create more questions. If I say I have, this immediately begs the question.. ‘Ooh does he know what you do?’ In conspiracy-esque hushed tones.

If I answer no, I have to pre-empt the fact that if Mr Right Now then asks me out for a ‘normal’ date and when I gently decline, although I’m very appreciative, he’s going to be a tad peeved >>> moodkiller.

  • Does your family know what you do?

Does your Mrs know you’re here? Yeh thought not. Shut Up.

  • What are you up to today/Busy day ahead?

Read – So how many times are you getting fucked today? Whilst mentally multiplying a perceived number by the hourly rate and surmising ‘Fucking ‘ell, it’s alright for some’

There are a few others that I could add to the list but these will do for now. Are you surprised, guilty? I answer many emails daily and I never have a problem in answering genuine queries. In fact I encourage you to ask as I want to make sure I am the right companion for you! So if there is something you need to ask me then please do. Email [email protected]

Haha its all just a bit of fun. I’m harmless really ;-)

Sabrina xx

Leather Corset Dress Pictures

Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret.. Milton Keynes 

On my travels I took the opportunity to have an impromptu mini #selfie picture shoot.. I was in the most fabulous apartment with panoramic floor to ceiling views over stunning historic views of the city. In my full length, bespoke made to measure leather corset dress, I hope you will enjoy the view as much as I did :-)



Exotic Sabrina – Milton Keynes Premier Escort




Tel 0798 494 0975



Email [email protected]




Follow @ExoticSabrina



Hope you liked my little photo shoot! I’d love to wear this beautiful full length leather dress for you, lets meet up :-)

Call or email to arrange our date

  • 0798 404 0975 Leave a message

Look forward to it, Sabrina xx


*New Testimonial*


Sex Tips for Men #1

Exotic Sabrina – High Class Independent Milton Keynes Escorts


I think I might be suitably qualified in offering up a few tit bits of info to help you get your sexy game on don’t you think? These are just a few thoughts based on my experience as a high class independent escort and private affairs. It’s not a guide on what to do with an escort, its my just POV of what most women would appreciate from their man. Well what my friends and I think anyway.

Lets start with hygiene shall we?

Listen, if you ain’t smelling fresh then don’t expect your girlfriends head buried in between your legs any time soon. Theres a time and a place for sweet fresh sweat, say you’ve both had a workout, gyms empty and you get it on then great! But not when you’ve been working all day come home to the Mrs and wonder why she turns away. Men, darlings..  you do sweat a lot more than us delicate fragrant flowers so please even if you think ‘you’re ok’ have a shower your lady will appreciate it.


Down there. Over time our lady parts have been groomed into a shaven haven which is de rigueur these days and no longer a specialism. You’ll be familiar with me piping on about having body scrubs and loving my lotions, potions and oils slathered into my skin so I can be as smooth as for you, all over. What about the fellas? It’s true it’s got a lot better, with mens mags and Pornhub men are getting the hint and having a trim.

It doesn’t have to all come off, but if you look down and you have to search for the D, it just doesn’t bode well fellas sorry. If your woman loves sucking cock as much as I do, even when its hard and springs out like a snake in the grass, when I’m trying to get all of your dick in my mouth right down to the bottom, I would rather no pubic hair in my eyes as I look up at you. Thanks.

I know some fellas cannot all of a sudden leap from the bathroom having just used this hair removal cream (successfully) and the wife says, ‘What the fuck have you done’? and ‘Get off’ but a little trim wouldn’t go amiss darlings.

Say you’re on a hot date, she’s sexy and flirty, you’re all shaved, showered and after shaved and its a dead cert. Get down to DATY and you’re faced with a forest? You like? You won’t have that problem with me i’m lasered all over including a Hollywood. It was excruciatingly painful but I don’t mind suffering for my art. So please reciprocate if you can, even just by a tad, it will be appreciated muchly.


Up there. On your face. Clean shaven, stubble, neat short trim, few days growth, moustaches and beards. I don’t mind any of these, each can be styled accordingly to suit your look. The main thing is it is clean and intentional, not because you couldn’t be bothered to have a shave. Considering after showering thats all you pretty much have to do to be date ready, if you can’t make that bit of effort compared to my/our primping and preening, then it’s not a good start. You don’t want to scratch your dates face up with unkempt sharp stubble and let me tell you it can really hurt especially down there. You can use hair conditioner on it to soften it up. And if you’re on an illicit date, lipstick will get stuck on your beard and not come off easily, so be warned.


Nowwwww then. I understand this is a very personal issue, so I can be nothing other than straight forward about it. Doesn’t mean i’m right or wrong, some ladies will like it differently so this is again just my POV, along with a few escorts and friends so I know I’m on the right track.


Seriously, whats that all about when you attack delicate membrane skin so harshly with your hands that you make us wince? It fucking hurts so don’t fucking do it. Instead, if your lady likes it and wants it, start softly and build up to something more frantic. Don’t get all your tips from Porn, being aggressive looks great on film but in real life it’s not happening. I know men are naturally heavy handed, but please don’t go about your womans pussy like your handling a fucking Black & Decker ok?

When someones coming at me like that it takes all my strength and will power not to yank their dick so hard in the same fashion to see how they like it. Geddit? My escort friend Sophie is very strict;

‘Cocks don’t have bones in them, fingers do!’

She shouted at the poor unfortunate who we were both tormenting at the time (he loved it) Bones in fingers can hurt, yummy rock hard cocks do not hurt. And don’t even get me started on dirty finger nails.. and you don’t want to shower? GTFO mate.

So what do you think? Do you agrees or disagree? Maybe you can offer some insight into things women do that could be better? I’d love to know :-)

Other things I will write about in future Sex Tips posts will include tips on the clit and sex toys. Need any advice, just ask! Love Sabrina xx

*New Testimonial*


Exotic Sabrina – Milton Keynes Premier Escorts 


‘Dear Sabrina, 

Thank you for a lovely time today. I really enjoyed being with you. You are indeed a very beautiful and intelligent lady who was exquisitely  dressed and who made me feel very comfortable and at ease as soon as I walked in. 

When I had those little moments of uncertainty you put me at ease so quickly. The massage was a great introduction and I felt really good after it. The food was just the right choice. 

I would like to meet you again sometime if thats ok with you and will call you in a few weeks. In the meantime, keep well and many thanks for everything. 

Mr W. 


Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret

Lets talk about sex baby.. lets talk about you and me.. lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.. Lets talk about sex, lets talk about sex!’ – As the song goes.

Sexy Calls

Just to recap on my phone sex offerings, what to do and how to do it.

  • Email me your request, I will inform you how to pay and how much depending on the call
  • Pay online in advance by secure credit/debit card in GBP (from any Country worldwide)
  • I receive notification of payment, usually straight away, then we can have our own sexy chat
  • Calls will be via my UK mobile 0798 494 0975 or via Skype for international callers
  • This can also be used for text sex, private message chat or sexy emails

Sound good? It’s as easy as that. I can make/take calls most days including evenings and weekends. You can send payment in advance so you have it in the bank for when you might urgently need it. It’s also a great way to keep in touch between visits, or have contact if you are overseas.

Heres what others had to say about my #PhoneSex why don’t you give it a try :-)

























Sexy Story *The Supermarket Game*

Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret


The Shopping Game

I had to pop to the supermarket for some groceries and as it was a quiet day I thought I’d try out the new Waitrose in Milton Keynes that has not long opened.

I usually get my shopping delivered but I don’t mind going in to chose a nice steak or salmon and try not to get tempted by the deserts too much. So there I was slowly wondering through the aisles, it was a nice day and I had on a tight pair of jeans, a plain white Tshirt some high turquoise wedge shoes and of course my obligatory large hoop earrings, silver today.

You normally see a few bored husbands despondently pushing the trolly whilst the Mrs peruses the merits of washing up liquid, some of them them have a sneak peek, we catch eyes, I give them a sneaky smile back, and thats that fleeting moment gone, consigned to a memory of what if’s..

As I was having a browse around, I kept bumping into this one particular distinguished chap, I remembered him because he had a look of Sean Connery about him and he had this big metal briefcase which I idly wondered if it contained a load of sex toys ;-)

After the third or fourth time of him him now grinning wildly at me each time we passed, I thought I’d better go another way as I didn’t want him to think I was encouraging him. But he kept following me so I paid for my things and left the store. Of course he was parked right next to me so there we both were putting our shopping away.

He mentioned something about the weather so not being an ignorant sort, I replied and we started a little chit chat. We were laughing now and I jokingly said, I thought you were following me in there?! He apologised and told me to liven up his shopping experiences he plays The Shopping Game.

The Shopping Game? What the hell is that I asked?! He told me, when he has to go to the Supermarket, he plays this game to liven up what can be a very boring past time. This is what you do – when you enter the Supermarket, your aim is to chose someone you are ‘going to shag’ (his words) by the time you have left the store.

When you go in, if you spot someone you like the look of, its up you if you choose her to shag, or you take a gamble and continue to have a look around for someone that you like the look of better, to shag.

But this means you will have passed on the first possible shag so if you do not find someone better looking, you have lost.

So if you pass on her and find someone better, and you choose her, then thats your choice and you cannot change it again if you see someone better before you leave the store. So its a complete gamble!

If you don’t see anyone that you like the look of or you have passed on all the ladies in the store in the hope of bumping into Miss World in the next aisle, then you have lost and have to quickly chose anyone to shag (in your head) before you leave. Well by now I was both shocked and laughing but also trying to make out I was upset and embarrassed. Really??

He said he saw me in the store and ‘I had instantly won’ So that explained the mad grins then :-) We carried on chatting and he was obviously flirting with me and as he was doing so, a wicked plan was hatching in my mind. How dare he think he can take advantage of me like that, so I sweetly asked him over for coffee and of course he immediately accepted.

I told him to jump into my car and off we went to Casa Romance. I made a cappachino for him and a green tea for me and I perched close up to him on my leather sofa. I could see he was trying hard not to look at my big tits in my tight white tshirt but it was fairly strained and he could see the fabric of the black and pink lace of my bra, as I pushed them up against his arm. So lets see who’s playing a game now shall we?

He went quiet, by now he knew I was taking control and it wasn’t up to him if he could shag me, it was the other way around. I straddled him. ‘Sooo, you thought you could eye me up, follow me around and think about fucking me, all whilst i’m innocently trying to do my shop’ I whispered dangerously into his ear. He went bright red.

I smiled sweetly again.. ‘Would you like to fuck me?’ I asked.. He nodded wildly, what else could he say?! I took his hand and led him into my boudoir, he eyed the king size bed and was looking at all my lingerie and high heel shoes strewn around. It was my bedroom but is clear that little sleep took place here.

I ran my fingers over his chest and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, put my glossy pink lips close to his face so he could feel the heat of my breathe, whilst pushing my body up against his, I could feel a massive hard on poking out of his trousers. Mmm, lets see what you have for me here then I purred, I rubbed his cock and it twitched madly with my touch, I gave it a reassuring squeeze and told him to strip! Then smiled sexily again.

He was now stood there naked, with a huge fucking hard on. I silently peeled off my tshirt and jeans his eyes never leaving me. I led him onto the bed and I lay on top of him rubbing myself up against him.. ‘Does this feel good.. is this what you had in mind’ He dick was rock hard and it was turning me on feeling it press against me.

‘How about playing a little game of mine?’ He immediately said yes so I leant over and buried his face with my 32G heavy tits which he preceded to suck on, grabbing my dark juicy nipples. I gently took one arm and secured it to the head post with a bondage tie and quickly did the same with the other arm whilst I forced my other big tit into his mouth. I then sat up, and he looked at me quizzically as he realised he was stuck.

He tried to move his arms but my bondage ties are latex covered metal which twist around to ensnare you.. so theres no escape. He looked a bit worried but his cock clearly wasn’t as it strained about desperate for a touch. ‘So who’s fucking who now?’ I asked dangerously with a raised, perfectly sculpted eyebrow..

I sat astride him, his cock pushed up against my ass. I teased him with my big juicy tits rubbing them, squeezing the nipples and pushing them up together, so near his face but not actually touching. I ran my heavy tits down his chest and onto his cock, slapping his dick onto my tits, it was a reassuring weight. Mmm.

‘Please untie me’ he said.. Aww really, are you scared? I mocked as I smiled glossily again, told him to Sshhh and then told him to SHUT UP! Whilst I sucked his cock. And I did suck it, I eyed him up as I licked it up and down, it was rock fucking hard and got even harder as I planted my glossy pink lips closed over the head of his dick and slid my mouth down. He groaned and thrust into my mouth wildly.

 ’Keep fucking still’ I shouted and gave him a sharp slap on his thigh. Thought you were going to take advantage of an innocent housewife shopping did you? I’ll fucking show you, I pushed his knees down, moved my lacy thong to one side and positioned his cock up against my wet pussy, he could feel the heat and I rubbed my wetness onto the tip of his dick.

He tried to thrust again so I pushed his hips down with my hands and shouted ‘Shut the fuck up because I’m going to fuck you now’ which I then did Mmm I slid my wet juicy cunt down onto his massive cock and fucked this cocky man who I’d only just met less than an hour ago in Waitrose.

‘Thought you were going to fuck me did you’ I said menacingly as I rode his cock like a fucking rodeo and called him a few choice names along the way. He was thrusting up with his big dick and I pushed myself down onto it, my orgasm building inside me ‘Ahh yes, let me fuck you real good, I’m going to use you, I’m going to come all over your fucking hard dick’

I moaned and my pussy began to explode in orgasm, pulsing in red hot fucking heat….Ohhh yes it felt sooo good!! I slowed my pace and looked at him, he was practically hyper ventilating and I sneered, how does it feel to get fucked? To which he replied by shooting his spunk right inside my pussy so hard I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. Woooo!

I got up and untied him, smiling again now, he didn’t know what to say. I let him get dressed and showed him the door, as he left I said ‘Thats how I play The Shopping Game.’ He was a big boy, he could find his own way back to his car, no doubt dazed and confused, but with a bloody good story to tell his mates back at the office (I bet they don’t believe him) Teach him trying to take advantage of me?! Only if I want you to ;-)



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