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*Lady Sabrina*

I no longer offer Mistress services, however I am able to entertain alternative requirements, IF i see fit.

As you know I am not a full on Dominatrix. I do not wear extreme fetish wear, I don’t have a dungeon or go at you with sharp electrical implements. I have done some in the past but it is not for me now. However, I do see many clients for alternative services as some folks request a dominant style session from a visually softer and feminine partner in a normal safe home environment.

I am naturally dominant, I will always be the one in charge, never submissive. If you have a fantasy of being dominated by a very glamorous woman, who can be soft and soothing yet with a cruel steely edge then I might be able to help you. I am bossy, I know what I want and you will do what I tell you without a whimper.

Yes I’ve got a leather riding crop that I will brandish, you want to get lashed by it, yes I can do that too. Wear a collar and crawl around by my sharp heels, ditto.  Humiliation, deprivation, hurt or being teased whilst being gently suffocated.. it is possible. Perhaps you have a foot fetish, I have very soft, pampered and pedicured feet.

If this is your thing, you may request via email your fantasy requirements and if I see fit I will accept. If it’s something I cannot help you with then I will tell you as I don’t want you to be disappointed and waste your time. Please give me a brief outline of your needs, explicit content is unnessary and I will get back to you asap.

*Domination Sessions are £200 an hour*

If we haven’t met before a deposit of £50 will be payable in advance. These sessions do not include F/S. This can be added as an extra £50. Please do not book a regular appointment and then request Domination services when you arrive. You can bring along your own toys, outfits etc to use here with me for the scenario. I have some PVC and Leather outfits, thigh high boots or spiky heels that I can wear for the date, you can also bring along what you would like me to wear for you.

My rules are strict and non negotiable regarding these services so please be clear in what you want. Excessive emailing is also chargeable if you wish to take extra time to discuss your scenario. You may make use of my Phone Sex line if you want to talk in detail about your fantasy. Do not furnish me with your explicit needs without prior invitation as you’ll get yourself blocked.

Sexual Domination is a very personal matter and is extremely exciting in a safe environment with the right person that you can trust explicitly . If we are compatible this is what I can offer you. If you have fantasy along these lines that you think I will fit into and help you with then email me your request. Please familiarise yourself with the above information so you are completely clear beforehand and we can take it from there.

If you like the sound of sexual domination but this sounds all a bit too much,  you may be interested in my Sensual Domination massage services instead. A very erotic tie and tease session with gentle, sensual restraint. More info to follow soon.

Email [email protected]

Regards Sabrina xx

Exotic Sabrina





(Below is an old post and pics from my previous Mistress offerings)

We’ve just had Valentines Day, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day with No Smoking Day,  Mothers Day and more to follow. So I am proposing a Dominatrix Day, yes thats  right, it means you get to be in the company of your divine Mistress in her private apartment in Milton Keynes, where you will be tied up, gagged, forced and humiliated into doing all sorts of things you wouldn’t dream of in the real world. If you’ve had the sweet pleasure of my tie and tease indulgence, this is not for you. Neither is it for the faint hearted, the order of the day will total submission, shame and degradation, I am the Boss and you are my slave, understand?

My leather riding crop whistles as it sails through the air leaving a sharp shock to your behind, perhaps you need a satisfying spank with my leather paddle, or a wicked caning? I will be your Goddess and you my lowly slave that worships me. Disobey me and I will slap you, spit on you and drag you around by the dog collar around your neck. You might need beating down, I’ll turn you into my bitch complete with bright red lipstick smeared over your face,  make you suck my strap on and take a picture of you whilst doing it.


You will crawl behind me on your hands and knees, showing me your appreciation by licking my boots, sucking my spiky heels and thanking me for even letting you into my residence. I will force you to please me, against your will, you will do as you’re told to please your Mistress. You may be the big boss at work, but with me you will be reduced to nothing, a pathetic, sad little creature. Be assured this will cost you, and I’m not cheap, so don’t even think about me if you can’t afford it, go else where. This is strictly by invitation only, prospective clientele may express their interest by email in the first instance to [email protected]

If you are sucessful you will be commanded to my residence, and then the  real fun shall begin. Do you want to please your Mistress? Read my demands carefully, do you think you can handle it? If so, I invite you to request a meeting, to make your fantasy become a reality, with a beautiful, sexy and very feminine woman, who will unleash her wicked, dark side onto you. 

‘The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge’  – Albert Einstein.

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