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Exotic Sabrina – Reviews

@ExoticSabrinaExotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret Lady

I’m not a fan of having reviews on independent websites or forums, period. Literary efforts where anyone can embellish a real or imaginary encounter, often in vivid explicit glory, in his/her dreamland alter ego.

I know we are in a review culture, I read them too when I’m shopping, but lets face it, you’re not buying a washing machine here, you do not need to know the gynaecological breakdown of my working parts.

Many ladies appreciate reviews and the whole system works for them when done positively but it’s not for me. It makes my skin crawl the very, very rare instance I take a look at these sites, the way anonymous keyboard warriors can make judgement and assumptions like we’re in medieval times.

The cheek to have indignation and put someone down yet are completely righteous and blameless themselves. All whilst of course them being something like Mr Universe, completely gracious and endearing. Not. However… I do know people who use or involve themselves in some of these sites, who are great friends and great fun, so I’m not painting them all with the same brush either, before anyone starts to say otherwise.

I have been around long enough and very lucky to have gleaned a fairly decent reputation online via social media, and lets face it theres a million pics of me online, so nothing to hide there either, in age, weight, size and personality, which is the usual bugbear. But beyond that, in real life, my close encounters and I know that, hey, I’m not so bad!

If I wasn’t who I said I was or of reputable stock I think I would have found out by now. So please don’t make assumptions because I’m not on review sites. I welcome testimonials which I put on here and on twitter, nothing ever explicit, just very welcome commendations of style and character.

I prefer to keep private matters private, discretion will always be the key with me, keeping it classy, stylish and completely intoxicating. OK? :-)

Regards, Sabrina xx


3 Comments to “Exotic Sabrina – Reviews”

  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Another excellent and we’ll thought out post. Indeed your persona, intelligence, wit and charm is abundantly clear from your social media activities. Not to mention your outstanding beauty.

    I hope to have the chance one day to meet you in person.

  2. Well said Miss S!

  3. Thank you thats very kind of you to say :-) x

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