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My very naughty knickers for DATY connoisseurs

Have you ever seen anything so deliciously delightful as these very naughty knickers? Luckily I get lots of beautiful lingerie gifts and thought I had seen some beautiful pieces but these are amazing!


Imagine I’m sat next to you in our cosy tete a tete and my skirt is slowly riding up revealing my stocking tops and suspender clips. You run your hand slowly up my thigh and as I part my legs with a little sigh, I reveal to you my little sparkling jewel.. Would you like that?

They also feel wickedly naughty wearing them on a night out, if you got lucky and your lady was wearing these, you’d want to keep hold of her and never let her go, no?

Being so delightfully wicked I have shown you a modest picture above. You know what to do.

Love Sabrina xx

7 Comments to “My very naughty knickers for DATY connoisseurs”

  1. Woow Sabrina….u should most certainly bring this along to on ur visit here….i would really love to taste ur jewel :)

  2. Absolutely amazing Sabrina! How “naughty” of you getting these are our date! But a great incentive for me to have work commitments in MK soon! I can only imagine what my grin would be like with you emerging from the bathroom adorned in these – I was already a Cheshire Cat from last time. Take care, Tom Xx

  3. Thanks Tom, delicious aren’t they?! Hope you’re ok and look forward to seeing you soon. X

  4. Truly asthonishing! Would love to run my hand slowly up your thigh, and uncover your surprise.. Good thing that I don’t have a weak heart – that could have been fatal. I hope to see you in November! :-) xxx

  5. Wow looks great. Love the little heart s dangling down to keep your keys on. Why can’t mens jocky shorts be that useful. I could have a string for my keys and my swiss army knife and one for all my tablets. Plus maybe a little pouch for some nibbles around 3 when you get really peckish. I don’t see why ladies gave all the fun. Important going to john Lewis now to suggest it. Watch this space

  6. Haha thanks Mr Peacock your comments have made my day :-)) It’s very good that You have been inspired so, good luck at JL let me know how you get on haha. Thanks also to everyone who took the time to comment, much appreciated :-) xx

  7. Absolutely magnificent!

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