Update for 2014

You might know I had a few days off recently the reason being I had another upgrade in the boob department. Why? I know I was amply blessed already (by my surgeon) anyway but I wanted to so I did.

I feel great after surgery and had a nice rest for a few days, still have to take it easy before you can get your hands on them ;-) Heres a sneak peek, they are still swollen obviously as its only been a few days, not sure what size  I’ll settle into but maybe a 32GG/HH I’m not sure yet.


I’m gently back on it next week, want some Exotic Easter eggs? Lol. If you want to meet up let me know, but please remember I’m not ready for extreme man handling just yet.

As you can see, I still can’t resist a little dance up haha. Anyway hope you like it xx


Tel 0798 494 0975

Milton Keynes, High Class independent escorts. Mature, busty lady available to gentleman, young or old as long as you’re nice to me i’ll be double nice to you xx

*New Testimonial*


Exotic Sabrina – Milton Keynes Premier Escorts

‘Dear Sabrina,

Thanks for a lovely couple of hours spent with a beautiful, elegant and very naughty woman. You looked wonderful in your long tight leather corset dress.

Thanks again.’

Thank you Mr H x

*New Testimonial*


Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret

‘Hey Sabrina,


Thanks for another amazing time today, loved every minute of it. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to see you. Have a great weekend, hopefully see you soon xx

PS. Love the PVC video you put up, almost as good as seeing it in person :)

Thank you Mr R :-) x

*The Stockings Show*


Exotic Sabrina – The Gentleman’s Secret Milton Keynes Escorts

One thing is a dead cert.. You guys love your stockings! Attached to suspenders of course and with a very high heel to embellish the foot and adorn my legs perfectly.

Did you know I have a very full silky stockings wardrobe? You name it I probably will have it. And if I don’t, I can soon get them. Do you like fully fashioned seamed nylons, RHT acrylics? Cuban heeled, coloured, black, nude, white, ivory, platinum, plain, patterned, shiny, matt, hold-ups tights, deep lace tops, silk band topped, fish net, vintage..  You name it I have them.

My luxury brands vary from Gio, Secrets in Lace, Falke, Maison Close, Gerbe, Cervin, Agent Provocateur, what do you like? I always co ordinate so if you like me in bridal white I have the lingerie set to go with.

Black silk and lace are always a favourite, along with plush sumptuous silks in jewelled berry colours. Tell me what you like and I will wear it for you. If you want to bring something along for me to wear, I can do that too.

It’s difficult taking pictures of myself in all my various stockings and heels but here are a few shots to keep you going. The best thing is obviously to come and see and treat yourself :-)


 For enquiries and bookings please contact me via email secretexotic@gmail.com or you can call 0798 494 0975



*New Testimonial*


Exotic Sabrina – Milton Keynes Escorts 

‘Dear Sabrina, 

Lovely to see you darling looking so beautiful and sexy. I adore spending time with you. Have a lovely weekend and speak soon about getting together again. Lots of love.’

So kind, thank you Mr L x

Tight Shiny Leggings

Another addition to my wardrobe after my massive clear out are these super sexy tight shiny leggings. You guys love a bit of ass and seeing as I have plenty in that department I fill these out quite well.

They are extremely unforgiving! Showing off every curve in illuminating detail, I can sashay around in these for you if you like :-)

Sorry the video is upside down its the best I can do on my own!


Paired with these sharp, shiny silver Jimmy Choos’s, you like?


If you like my little videos you can follow me on VINE to see more x

On My Travels

Exotic Sabrina – Milton Keynes Escorts 

Out and about on my travels as usual and for some reason the traffic and roadworks along the M1 and M25 have been particularly horrendous at the moment. You may know I have a problem with #roadrage but I’m a lot better now. Honest :-)

This one particular day, it was nice and bright and we were all stationary somewhere near Luton I think. I kept noticing van or lorry drivers keeping to the side of me, didn’t think much of it. After a while and lots of smiles and nods I thought everyone must be a good mood which was nice because normally I’m speeding along.. but then I looked down..


The guys in their 4×4′s sneaked a peek too lol. Ah well I didn’t mind better to cheer someone up and give them a smile then be a miserable so and so right?!

Traffic was really bad that day and I was off on a lunch date to a really nice hotel that was quite far. But I don’t mind that I like travelling to new places for a change of scenery.

Lunch dates are up to 3 hours @ £350 (Local MK or plus travel) Would you like a naughty lunch liaison? Call or email to arrange -

 Tel 0798 494 0975

 EM secretexotic@gmail.com


I usually wear something smart, sexy, elegant on lunch or dinner dates, I don’t do mini skirts with stockings visible, or tits spilling out of my top I’m afraid, that we can save for our private time. I will be your sexy dining companion in a shapely dress, bit of cleavage, glossy hair and make up and some sharp heels. Sound tasty?


Exotic Sabrina – See My Website x

Then we can have our fun when you take it all off after. See you soon, love Sabrina xx

*New Testimonial*


‘Hi Sabrina, 

Thanks for our lovely meeting today. It was delightful pleasure to get to know you a little and have some fun.

You got everything just right and I appreciated the outfits you got ready and wore for me especially . I will contact you again soon, but thanks again’

Thank you Mr H, pleasure to meet you :-)

For the Twenty Somethings

Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret


I get a lot of requests from young guys wanting to meet up so this post is for you x

Some folks are of the adage that ladies like me see nothing but old guys, well thats simply not true and the average age of my dear visitors is not what this post is about. I am very careful about who I see, I’m not age-ist, racist or anything else-ist, but I’ll only see someone who I feel comfortable with, whatever the age or extratction. And it’s not about being a high flying business man either, I know some delightful physically hard working guys that turn up in their work gear. Thats not a problem at all.

If we haven’t met before, I will like to know a little more about you before we meet. If you have a problem with that, then it’s not my problem. The amount of random texts that I get with ‘Wots ur adress’  and ‘how much’ is ridiculous and I just delete them. This usually follows with a flurry of ‘No Caller ID’ phone calls, then nasty texts. And they wonder why I don’t want to see them? Like I’m going to give you my private address, let alone anything else? I don’t think so.

Anyway, one of my 20 something dates rightly pointed out that he felt as he wasn’t old enough, he couldn’t describe himself as a ‘gentleman’ which is a valid point I thought. My lower age limit is around 25 years old, I have seen young men in their early 20′s, only if I think it’s ok, if they have a mature outlook about themselves and confirm they know that I am a fair few years older then them. We underestimate how many lonely young (and older) people there are out there so whats wrong with having a little company and happiness. And excitement ;-)

Young guys are under pressure thinking they should be out having loads of fun with girls, drinking and whatever else everyone else their age appears to be doing. But what if they’re not, maybe they’re a little bit shy, studying hard, lack confidance or the out-going lifestyle isn’t for them.  I do see a fair few very nice young men, and like anyone else I see, they just want a nice time with someone that will be nice to them. Plus lets face it, it’s a very vivid fantasy for a young man to be seduced by an older woman and if there is one thing I’m an expert at, its the art of seduction ♥

So my point is (no matter what your age is) don’t worry about seeing me if you think you don’t fit the bill, as long as you are a decent kind human being then I am sure we will get on together and have a very lovely time. I’m very easy going, freindly and relaxed and I like to make sure I have everything just right for your likes and desires.

So if you’re a young man and you’d like to meet up with a sexy older lady, who will look after you, teach you, guide you and delight you, all you have to do is get in touch. Just remember to bring along your ID please :-) Call or email, I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Love Sabrina x

EM secretexotic@gmail.com

Tel 0798 494 0975

Follow @ExoticSabrina


See me website Exotic Secret for more information.

Payment is accepted at the start of our date in GBP and I can be around most days including evenings and weekends. Rates are;

♥ 2 hour rendezvous £300

♥ 1 hour dalliance £160

Dinner dates and longer appointments are available, see my site for more info. I’ve got the time if you’ve got the inclination :-) xx

@ExoticSabrina ‘s Secret Diary

Exotic Sabrina  - The Gentlemans Secret

Soooo dear readers, what have I been up to lately… ? Just as well my memory is terrible otherwise I’d spend all day writing up scintillating tit bits for your hedonistic pleasure and get nothing else done ;-)

  • Had a booking with a new client at a London hotel. He was really hesitant about meeting as he couldn’t see a full face picture and was worried about a switch (This is when someone else turns up at your door) I said I’m a high class, very reliable independent escort if you don’t mind.. who am I going to switch with?! Plus I have so many pictures you would be pretty certain if someone else turned up. So after MUCH deliberation he said ‘Go on then’ I think at this point it was too late for him to get someone else tbh. So off I went, a bit nervous because what if he didn’t like me? Well luckily for me he did and extended the date by another two hours so it was a very happy ending after all :-)

  • Met one of my overseas visitors and we were having a rendezvous at the hotel before he had to fly back to the US. Romance aside, like I’ve said before, fellas do not take your sex tips from the porn clips that you voraciously devour as in real life it doesn’t always work. For instance, the man wanted me to actually vomit. On his D. I don’t mean gagging, you know making your eyes water and mascara run down your face and all that. Vomit. No thanks.


  • Occasionally Doctor Sabrina makes an exception and sees patients at short notice if it’s an emergency. So when my patient who suffers from bouts of exhibitionism was in distress and needed to see his doctor I was happy to oblige. I wasn’t so happy when I let him in to discover he had come up to my surgery fully exposing himself through his trousers, when I had some neighbours moving in and out no less. So I had to give him a good telling off (after I had managed to compose myself after laughing so much) and gave him a very expensive prescription to stop him doing it again. (no one saw him really so it was all good)


  • Had a girls night out and met up with some guys like you do. Dave the Rave was a good laugh and we kept in contact, but nothing more than that came of it. Had another night out a few weeks later, this time there was an extremely fit male strip group performing at the club. Imagine my surprise when I realised one of the strippers was Dave?! OMG! He spotted me too and for gods sake didn’t he just drag me out from the audience onto the stage to do all that gyrating stuff in my face?? I nearly died! Afterwards I said to him, I thought you worked in a bloody Bank?! Well turns out he didn’t :-)


  • Again with the medical theme, Nurse Sabrina was tending to her patient when the door bell went. I was expecting a delivery so I buzzed the intercom and waited for the postie. I popped on my frou frou black silk kimono gown, you know the one with all the feathers around the sleeves and opened the door. I figured they must see worse so I didn’t worry about it. I didn’t know my postie was a TS or something similar? He/she took a visible step back then wanted to how how I got my make up, lashes and glossy lips just so and who did my nails. Aww we had a nice chat before I remembered I had to get back to my patient lol.

That will do for now, I’ve got a few more sexy stories to finish off writing for you and as always lots of tasty lingerie pictures to whet your appetite. Hope you’re all good. Love Sabrina xx


PS Somehow I’ve broken the zip on my nurse outfit so if anyone knows how to fix it for me that would be most helpful :-) Update – I’ve bought another naughty nurse outfit so you’ll be ok :-)

‘Exotic Sabrina is a high class independent escort in Milton Keynes operating of her own free will with out co-ertion, force or against her wishes. There are no agencies, partners or co habitants involved in these social activities in her private residence therefore operating fully within the law as a completely independent escort. Monies exchanged are for time and companionship and is a private matter between two consenting adults’.

mature london escorts. To book your #roomservice hotel escorts email me secret exotic@gmail.com

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