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Exotic Sabrina – The Gentleman’s Secret Lady

‘Hi Sabrina, 

Thanks for seeing me today, it was a pleasure to meet you. 

You certainly lived upto my expectations and they were pretty high having read most of your website and blog. Thankfully it all turned out to be true and I wasn’t disappointed by the experience you provided :-)

You have a gorgeous body and face with beautiful eyes, coupled with your sweet nature, friendly personality and naughty side, what more could a man ask for? You are so ‘my type’ I’m so glad I made the journey to see you. It may be bit of a trek, but I’m certain il be making it again’

Thank you Mr S :-) x


Exotic Sabrina – Reviews

@ExoticSabrinaExotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret Lady

I’m not a fan of having reviews on independent websites or forums, period. Literary efforts where anyone can embellish a real or imaginary encounter, often in vivid explicit glory, in his/her dreamland alter ego.

I know we are in a review culture, I read them too when I’m shopping, but lets face it, you’re not buying a washing machine here, you do not need to know the gynaecological breakdown of my working parts.

Many ladies appreciate reviews and the whole system works for them when done positively but it’s not for me. It makes my skin crawl the very, very rare instance I take a look at these sites, the way anonymous keyboard warriors can make judgement and assumptions like we’re in medieval times.

The cheek to have indignation and put someone down yet are completely righteous and blameless themselves. All whilst of course them being something like Mr Universe, completely gracious and endearing. Not. However… I do know people who use or involve themselves in some of these sites, who are great friends and great fun, so I’m not painting them all with the same brush either, before anyone starts to say otherwise.

I have been around long enough and very lucky to have gleaned a fairly decent reputation online via social media, and lets face it theres a million pics of me online, so nothing to hide there either, in age, weight, size and personality, which is the usual bugbear. But beyond that, in real life, my close encounters and I know that, hey, I’m not so bad!

If I wasn’t who I said I was or of reputable stock I think I would have found out by now. So please don’t make assumptions because I’m not on review sites. I welcome testimonials which I put on here and on twitter, nothing ever explicit, just very welcome commendations of style and character.

I prefer to keep private matters private, discretion will always be the key with me, keeping it classy, stylish and completely intoxicating. OK? :-)

Regards, Sabrina xx


Milton Keynes Escorts


 Exotic Sabrina – The Gentleman’s Secret Lady

Hi how are we? Survived January ok? Not that bad really is it, it’s only miserable if you let it be. What can I tempt you with this time.. Of course I’ve still got lots of hot lingerie, stockings, suspenders, heels, boots with hair, make-up, fragrance and nails on point, Casa Romance is still my little glamour palace so why not come and avail yourself to my exotic, erotic, sensual and seductive charms? ;-)

I post a lot of pictures on Twitter and videos on Vine, a great way to pass a few boring minutes in-between meetings, stuck in traffic or a sleepless night. I have so many including jewellery, gloves, leather wear, luxury stockings, tights, pantyhose.. I’m very lucky to have an exclusive variety in my wardrobe, overall my style is always a highly polished, glamorous high maintenance look.

You can request any of my outfits you see online, and you are welcome to bring along items for me to wear as is your preference. I’m a dress size 12 or medium, bra size 32HH which is hard to find sexy styles in so I can squeeze into smaller sizes for the purpose of pneumatic effect and variety. Corsetry and such like, I usually go medium ish, I’m 5′ 4 ish with a small body frame, but remember I have some over sized attributes to fit in so if its a skinny style go large :-))

Shoes. Shoes shoes shoes. I do like shoes. Love shoes! You may have noticed. I’m UK size 6/39 I love heels, high, higher and sky high! All brands are welcome, I currently have Louboutin – of course the pinnacle and climax of sexy shoe design, Jimmy Choo, YSL or now Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen amongst others. I also like Carvela and Aldo. Harrods Shoe Heaven is my Heaven *Swoon*

So now you know a bit more about me, my style, my personality and my attributes.. If it all sounds favourable why not give me a shout. I do screen new clients, I’m careful for my safety as well as yours. Clients of old.. hiya! Where have you been? :-)

See you soon, love Sabrina xx

Call 0798 494 0975 

Email [email protected]


Welcome to 2015



Exotic Sabrina – The Gentleman’s Secret Lady

How was is for you? All go smoothly? I hope your Christmas celebrations went well and I wish you a very happy New Year.

By now most of us will be fed up of all the eating, drinking and merriment.. really?? And thinking about getting back into diets, work and the gym. I like the New Year, and 2015 feels like its going to be a good one. A chance to make a fresh start, brush away the the past and look forward to the future.

Have you make any resolutions? Most people will be on the weight loss trail me included but thats standard and on going for me, maybe I should try and have a bit more fun instead, that sounds more like it ;-) What about you, do you need some more fun in your life?

Working hard and working towards your goals are all good but don’t forget to have a little time out for yourself, stress isn’t healthy for you remember so you need to look after yourself, or why not leave that to me and let me take care of you.

I know by now you’ll have seen a ton of my pictures on Twitter, latest gallery pics on my website as well as sexy vines so why not make me part of your new years resolution and get yourself down to Casa Romance Milton Keynes. It really is quite fun, you will have nothing but a relaxing sexy time to look forward to with an amenable woman. So what are you waiting for?!

Plenty of info on my site and blog of how to book, but if you’re still not sure just drop me an email and we can see about getting together sometime soon [email protected] 

You will find me friendly, relaxed and easy going, and I make a lot of effort for our date, not just with what I look like in all my fine lingerie, heels, hair make up and fragrance, but ensuring Casa Romance is fit for purpose, safe, clean and secure including plenty of free parking.

I respond well to gentleman who are clean, polite and friendly. You could be a City high flyer or a local labourer, that isn’t an issue for me, I get on well with people from all walks of life, but what does matter is that you know how to treat a lady, then we will get on more than fine :-)


Just to re-cap I am an exclusive, high class, high glamour independent escort in Milton Keynes. I am careful and considerate about who I see and if I don’t think that I’m right for you then respectfully I will not take the booking. I think thats only fair for us both, I would hate for you to be disappointed with me.

I also offer outcalls to Central London, Heathrow airport hotels and surrounding areas so if you find yourself away from home and would like some company I will be happy to join you.

Hope everyone has a fantastic start to 2015 and I hope to meet you sometime soon. Love Sabrina xx


Ready for Christmas?

Well here we are again, where does the time go? Is pretty much what we are all saying now Christmas and the end of 2014 is nearly upon us. Hope you’ve had a good year and looking forward to some time off with your family, friends, loved ones or having a quiet one to yourself.

Shopping frenzys are abound, well for us ladies in any case. When are you going to do yours.. not last minute surely?! If you need some tips I can help you out, I like lots of girly things and I can recommend them to you for your lady if you are really that stuck for ideas :-))

I’ve got Casa beautifully fragrant with scented candles, shimmering lighting and of course the heating is always cranked high! So if you’d like to come in from the cold, I will be very happy to give you a very Festive warm welcome, with a little seasonal tipple plus a bit more :-))


Guaranteed a warm welcome at Casa Romance :-)

To re cap I am available for in-calls in Milton Keynes at my private up market apartment, a discreet address with plenty of free parking a few minutes from The Centre MK, a short cab ride away from the train station and minutes from J13/14 of the M1.

MK Incall Rates – 

Give yourself your own Christmas treat, a two hour decadent liaison, where you can relax, unwind be pampered and let me take care of everything you need – £300

In-between meetings or finished work early, why not pop in for a one hour rejuvenation break, leaving you with a spring in your step after a stressful day – £160

Longer dates are available, Dinner dates or how about a 6 hour complete treat? See my Donations page for more info.

If you keep up to date with my Vine and Twitter posts and like any of my outfits, lingerie, heels, stockings you name it, you can request it for our date and I’ll be happy to wear it for you. My wardrobe is varied with a glamorous, luxurious style and feel.

Do you like my latest accruement? These Louboutin Hot Chick stilettos are as they state “built more for posing than walking”


I also offer outcalls to local hotels and London hotels including visiting Heathrow airport hotels. You can email me to arrange my visit to your hotel [email protected]

I will be available over the Festive period including the New Year so if you would like to meet up, please do get in touch. If its our first time of meeting please see my ‘How to Book’ info to help arrange our date.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, love Sabrina x


Tel 0798 494 0975

If I miss your call please leave your name and telephone number if it is convenient for me to call you back.

High class independent escort Milton Keynes. Website Exotic Secret – The Gentlemans Secret Lady

October 2014

Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret

@ExoticSabrinaNew updated website is up and running, hope you like my new gallery and look. All iPhone, Android, tablet and PC friendly, thanks for the kind comments I’ve received so far. Couple of fun facts about my website and blog;

  • - The font is an actual ‘Milton Keynes font’ a signature typeface invented just for MK so I thought it would be fun to use
  • - Its the first time ever I’ve had a set of gallery pictures that do not contain any animal print!!! *Shock Horror* haha

In other news, I’m not long back in MK after spending nearly a week in Central London, offering the opportunity to visit me in-call whilst I was there. I had a tremendous time, meeting some old friends and new, as well going out and about enjoying the sights and fun atmosphere. The weather was so warm and I had great views from my rooftop hotel room.

I am in London a lot but I usually pop in and out for a hotel rendezvous, so it was nice to actually spend some time there. I know MK isn’t far to visit but if you work in Central London you won’t be able to pop out to MK and still get back to the office in time to finish the day.

I will offer in calls in Central London again periodically, the next visit being in December. Look out for December 2014 dates on here and my Twitter.

@ExoticSabrinaAs always I took a few pictures and video for your viewing pleasure, but I gather you are more interested in the sights inside my room then out :-))

So as usual, I’m available for in-calls at Casa Romance Milton Keynes as well as outcalls to London hotels, you know how to get in touch to book now surely? ;-) Look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Sabrina xx


*New Testimonial*



Exotic Sabrina – The Gentleman’s Secret

‘Hi Sabrina,

Thanks for seeing me today. I had a great time, I learned a lot about myself which was sort of the point. Being with some one like you was something I’ve always wanted to try, to see how I would react. 

I’m very happy I spent the day with you instead of someone else, I needed it to be someone like you. You’re stunning and you’re a nice person as well. Hope your day was alright, that was also very important to me . Take care of yourself Sabrina :-)

In a different life I’d have taken you to see a great movie and someplace to have a good cup of coffee the next time we would have met :-)

Kind regards xx’

Was a pleasure Mr K :-)

New Pic Preview and London Incalls Sept 14

Hi all how are we? Hope you’re well. I’m back from my holidays nice and refreshed and sorting out my pictures to revamp my website. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer now. Here is a sneak peek as I know you’re keen to see them, I hope you like this and the rest of them!

 ExoticSabrina – The Gentlemans Secret@ExoticSabrina

London Incalls Sept 29th – Oct 2nd 2014

I visit London often for outcalls and being in Milton Keynes I know its not far to travel, but there are some of you that just cannot escape the busy confines of our capital city. So I’m happy to announce that I can offer in calls in London from Monday 29th Sept upto and including Thursday 2nd October.

I will be based in a Central London WC1 hotel, a discreet and comfortable address in the West End, Covent Garden, Soho, the City and thereabouts, with a private car park and near major tube stations.

Need to knows –

  • First things first – the rates. To cover increased overheads the the rates are £200 per hour, £350 for two hours. Subsequent hours £100. Dinner/Lunch dates are also available.
  • I’m in my early 40’s, slim and curvy size 12 with an impressive, enhanced 32HH bust. I know how to dress to please you, seduce you and make the most of my charms and assets to ensure you are instantly smitten and forever in my thrall :-)) You will find me friendly, genuine and generally easy going, and happy to spend quality time with you.
  • As I’m not in Casa Romance MK I will not have my full wardrobe, but I will ensure to have a very seductive selection of sexy lingerie, heels and stockings to wear for our time together. I will also pack my sensual oils and scented candles to seduce you into passion and pleasure. If you have a specific requirement please let me know, I’ll be happy to bring along what you desire when a deposit has been received.
  • To secure your appointment a £50 deposit is payable safely online to guarantee your booking. Please email  [email protected] for how to pay. It is safe, secure and instant and will guarantee  you priority.
  • Please read all info and direct your enquiries to [email protected] to book your appointment. My usual screening process applies , I want to ensure I’m the right lady for you so if we haven’t met before please let me know some info about yourself, age, ethnicity and occupation is a good start.
  • I offer a full sensual and pleasurable experience, always freshly groomed, smooth fragrant skin and perfumed for your delight. For your safety and mine my services include full protection, inc oral. I use high quality Elite protection for a real skin feel, so you have nothing but happy memories to take away from our satisfying encounter together.
  • If you’re in a Central London hotel I can provide outcalls to you too.

Does that help for now? Hope so. I’m looking forward to actually spending some time in London instead of popping in and out all the time. So I hope I get to see you along with a couple of touristy sights or two :-) Look forward to seeing you in London. Love Sabrina xx

Tel – 0798 494 0875

Em – [email protected]

Follow  – @ExoticSabrina


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Site Upgrade

Hi everyone,

I’m planning a site upgrade and having just had a photo shoot in London I’m looking forward to revamping my site with new pictures. It takes time  to chose photos from over 500 taken, then decide how I want the layout to look ect. The photographer is on holiday now so there is a slight delay in getting them back but I’m in no rush for them, it will all come together eventually!

As always I did you a few #selfies so you can see whats happening :-)

@ExoticSabrinaEven my photographer was impressed with my Louboutin and Choo collection :-)


Black Lace Temptation


Pretty in Pink Lingerie


Back to Black Lingerie

Take care and see you soon, love Sabrina xx


How to book your Secret Rendezvous



Exotic Sabrina – The Gentlemans Secret

Hello visitors,

Thanks for popping onto my blog, where you can find and see all sorts of juicy tit bits about your Secret Lady Sabrina. One question that comes up frequently is how to book an appointment, so I thought I would re cap this information for you. As social media is so wide spread and fast, messages can get diluted some what so this is how I like to do things, to arrange a date, which you should find simple and easy to follow.

It’s not always easy to answer the phone for a call, I also have a annoying problem of never having any signal at Casa Romance. But please do call and if I miss you, you can leave a message and I will get back to you. If over 12/24 hours have elapsed since your message, don’t worry I will not phone you out of the blue at some random time in the future, day or night.

Same day appointments are occasionally available, but cannot promise, so booking in advance is always advised. I can be around most days including evenings and weekends but I’m not available every single day.

Email is preferable and available at any time, I personally handle all my correspondence and aim to reply within 24 hours.

If we haven’t met before I would like to know a bit about you, so please include information like your age, ethnicity and occupation and anything else you may like to add. It’s important I feel that I am the right lady for you and that I can manage your expectations. I want you to be completely happy with your choice and I need to feel comfortable and safe in inviting you to my private apartment.

It’s nice to know a bit about you as there is already so much information about me here, my website, Twitter and Vine. Let me know what date and time you had in time to meet and the duration. You can request any of my outfits you see in my pictures and you can also bring along garments you like if you have a particular penchant for them.


  • ❤  Two hour liaison to relax and enjoy being pampered £300
  • ❤ Subsequent hours £100
  • ❤ One hour dalliance to fit your hectic schedule £160

Consider a longer date to completely relax, let go and unwind with all the pleasures contained in Casa Romance

  • ❤ 3 hour lunch or dinner dates £350 local MK or in Casa
  • ❤ 6 hour decadance £600. Have some time away from your hectic life.  Lets relax, have a few drinks, nibbles and make full use of Casa Romance and all I can entice you with. 6 hours, at at time to suit you, day or night.
  • ❤ 12 hour overnight £1200. 8pm – 8am or start time to suit you, get away from it all and unwind with me. Let me pamper and spoil you. Being a mature escort I have the experience of knowing just how to treat you, as you rightly deserve.


Tel  – 0798 494 0975 Leave a message if I miss your call so I can get back to you.

Email [email protected] replies within 24 hours where possible.

All other means of communications via Twitter, DMs, Vines, VMs, Texts, Whatsapp, Skype are all good and constant and I manage them as much as possible, but I do not take or arrange appointments via them or promise to get through them all.

Hope that helps for now, glad you like my posts, pictures and videos. As always, comments are most welcome. Love Sabrina :-) xx




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